More About Me


Bliss Katopothis is a native of Silicon Valley. Bliss' family settled in Los Gatos in the late 50’s and most still reside in the Valley. Passionate about helping people build security and wealth; Real Estate was a natural fit for her. Bliss leverages her deep connections, extensive knowledge of the area and her genuine desire to help people in each real estate transaction, whether helping clients buy or sell.

Her vast experience in strategic planning, negotiating and goal setting instills confidence in her clients as she navigates each transaction regardless of complexity. With a unique ability to balance strong negotiating skills with her ability to connect with people, Bliss is able to perform at an elevated level. Her dynamic approach contributes to her clients success in building wealth through RE. Bliss prides herself on providing her clients with uncompromising service, results, and a solid reputation they can trust.

Bliss enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She strives daily to be truly present by appreciating the diversity and culture around her that makes living in the Silicon Valley an incredible place to call home.